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Cultivating the InsurTech Industry

The insurance industry is undergoing a global technological shift in the way people need insurance, originate insurance coverage, underwrite risk, and price policies.  With today's access to data and analytics, industry participants can dissect risk and offer new types of coverage never before imagined.

Transverse Ventures was founded in 2021 with a clear vision on how to help the InsurTech industry thrive.  Creating an InsurTech focused ventures fund was a natural next step for the team.  Transverse Venture's parent company, MS Transverse, which operates as a hybrid fronting carrier is centered on engaging with and driving value in early-stage insurance and InsurTech businesses.  The team leverages its vast insurance expertise to make calculated investments in disruptive insurance technologies and companies.  Our network, experience, and expertise help our portfolio companies realize their full potential.

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